Q: What is MediPendant?
A: MediPendant is the first monitored medical alert device that allows you to speak and listen directly through the pendant. Unlike many of the other medical alarm systems on the market today, the user speaks directly through the pendant to communicate with the operator at a monitored call center.

Q: What is the advantage of MediPendant?
A: MediPendant enables the user to communicate directly through the pendant. There is no need to be near the base station. There is no need for a voice extender or a wall mounted button – everything is in the pendant. MediPendant’s two-way voice speakerphone technology has superior battery life and enhanced range enabling the user to communicate from virtually anywhere inside and outside the home.

Q: Is MediPendant difficult to install?
A: It is very simple to install. Just plug in the power cord and the phone jack. There are no tools required. Everything is color-coded for easy installation. And if you don’t have a home phone line…no problem. The MediPendant is also designed to work without a home phone.

Q: How does the product work?
A: In an emergency, simply push the button on the wearable pendant and communicate with the operator. There is no need to use a regular telephone.Voice extenders are in the pendant so you will never have trouble hearing the operator.

Q: Who answers the call when the button is pressed?
A: An emergency response call center operator will answer the call.

Q: Do you have to be near a base station to use the MediPendant?
A: No, unlike most medical alert systems on the market today, with MediPendant you communicate directly through the PENDANT. The user has much more freedom to move in and around the home.

Q: How far away can the pendant be from the base station and still work properly?
A: Users can be up to 600+ feet from the base station. That is like 2 (two) football fields. This gives the user incredible range when compared to other medical alarm systems.

Q: What type of battery does the MediPendant use?
A: The pendant uses a Li123 battery that can be purchased at any local pharmacy or hardware store.

Q: What kind of battery life does the pendant have?
A: The pendant has approximately 2+ years of standby time.

Q: What if the power goes out in the home?
A: The base station provides up to 30 hours of backup battery time and its batteries will recharge once power has been restored.

Q: What happens if I am unable to speak?
A: As long as the button on the pendant is pressed and a connection has been established, the call center is aware that there is an emergency and can take the proper steps to send help.

Q: Will my phone bill increase?
A: No, the system dials a pre-programmed toll-free number.

Q: What methods of payment are accepted?
A: We accept all major credit cards, debit cards and checks in either annual or monthly terms.

Q: What is your return policy?
A: We guarantee your satisfaction on every product we sell. If you cancel your service, we will refund you for the paid but unused portion of the monitoring service if and when you return the product to our warehouse. Simply email customer service at info@medalarmco.com or call our customer service center at 1-877-782-1234 for assistance. Our customer service department will cancel your service and will advise you on how to ship the product back to us.